POA form

The rules for bringing your dog into the United States depend on where the dog has been in the past 6 months.
All dogs must appear healthy upon arrival. Dogs that arrive sick or injured will be required to undergo veterinary examination and testing at the importer’s expense to rule out diseases that can spread to people. 

However, when your dog enters the United States, our company must provide a written or verbal statement that your dog has only been in a country NOT at high risk for at least 6 months or since birth if under 6 months of age. There is no limit to the number of dogs.
All dogs transported by our company must have adequate documentation as required by law and the norms of the airlines or countries to where the dogs are shipped. It is important for us to stay updated with the latest information and changes in rules and regulations.
In addition to the documentation provided by you, the pet owner, the veterinarian, or our firm, you must hire a broker. A broker is someone to whom you will provide your approval to pay customs when your dog arrives.

We’ve had a long-standing working relationship with a Florida-based broker firm that administers all of our clients’ and imports’ documentation. Please see the attached document (POA form), which we will require to complete customs and import procedures.

You can bring up to five pets into the country on a single customs form. After you’ve read, filled out, and signed the document, please send us an email or contact the broker company directly to let us know.




What we do?

Our specialty is pet transport.

Our company currently enjoys a key position in the pet relocation industry in the United States, Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe. We have earned the trust of airlines, breeders, veterinarians, and others because of our knowledge of travel restrictions and guidelines for importing and exporting countries, as well as our commitment to providing the best possible care for the pets.

Our workers and agents are highly qualified specialists that have been trained to fulfill your specific requirements, which include pet transportation.

What do we have to offer?

We provide pet and dog transportation that is safe, secure, and quick. Your pets can be transported to the following locations:

Your pets can be transported to the following destinations:

  • Shipping dogs from the US to the UK, as well as the UK to the US, is a common occurrence.
  • Shipping dogs from the United States to any part of Europe, as well as from Europe to the United States,
  • Shipping dogs from Scandinavian countries to all parts of Europe and the United States, as well as from any Scandinavian country to any part of Europe or the United States.

Our primary concern and focus is your pet’s comfort and safety. Allow us to put our expertise to work for you. All that is required is to contain us.

For further information, please contact us or visit our Facebook or Instagram accounts.