American pet express transport

Pet transport agencies or companies have experienced a real boom in the last few decades. It is impossible to say exactly when this branch of the economy was created, because no one even dealt with this field of transport as a separate activity until the second half of the twentieth century.

Of course, the transportation of goods has existed since there was civilization, or better said, trade. Thus, in the past centuries, there were also companies that, for a certain price, both in Europe and America, transported certain goods to other regions. There is not much information on whether these companies transported pets as needed, but it is not excluded that they certainly transported animals as well.

The history of humanity, however, is not, as is often assumed, only the exploitation of animals but also the cultivation and care of animals and also the love of animals. It is assumed that people owned pets even 12,000 years ago, and we know that ancient civilizations also nurtured a pet culture in ancient Greece, Egypt, and the Roman Empire.

So when you wonder where the love of man for animals comes from, remember that this love actually has deep roots in the tradition of human civilization from the very beginning. Admittedly, in the past, only members of the higher classes in society had a special attitude towards animals, i.e., pets. An ordinary man once had neither the means nor the will to devote himself to a pet, as kings, emperors, counts, or marquises did.

However, things are much different today! Today, we can hardly imagine our lives without pets, whether it is a dog, a cat, a parrot or any other pet. Our life today is focused on our pets, whom we adore and consider part of the family.

But what happens when we want to travel with our pet somewhere, or when we want to take the pet to a competition, or when we want to sell one of our pets? If the transport involves driving to a nearby city or a neighboring country, we will probably go into that transport venture ourselves. However, what happens when we have to transfer our pet by air to another country or another continent?

In such a case, we can also do it ourselves, but even when it comes to small geographical distances, we understand that it might take too much time. In such a situation, we simply have to seek the help of professionals who offer pet transport services.

Our agency, Pet Exporters, offers you exactly these services in the territory of the U.S.A. and almost all over the world. If you need to transport your pet from point A to point B, our agency is the right choice for you. Therefore, you can get a quick price estimate today if you contact us through our website.

Pet Exporters is a pet transport agency that offers you help in the form of information and the actual transport of dogs and other pets. We can help you or take over arranging the paperwork that is necessary for the dog to travel within the territory of America, as well as Europe and other continents.

We can help you with making a passport for the dog, with microchipping, and finding a veterinarian who, in addition to chipping, will also perform the necessary vaccinations against rabies and other infectious diseases in dogs. This segment is very important because it will save you an incredible amount of time in obtaining adequate paperwork and a health certificate.

We offer you a team of experienced experts who can help you transport your pet in a fast, safe, and efficient way at a very adequate and affordable price. Our business staff of couriers is expertly selected. We make sure that our couriers are above all people who love animals and for whom such tasks will not be a problem, but on the contrary, a pleasure!

We also offer a door-to-door service in our range, which actually means that we transfer your pet from one location to another, exactly as you indicated. We believe this type of service makes our offer even safer because we avoid cooperation with intermediaries, precisely to guarantee you all the possible safety of your pet. You can also call our couriers during the journey and talk to them about the condition of your pet.

The offer you can get from us at Pet Exporters is the right way to transport your pet without too many problems. You won’t have to waste your time, worry about the huge amount of paperwork you have to get, or worry about your pet’s safety. Pet Exporters build and maintain the reputation of an agency that cares about the love of animals as well as their safe transport. If you have already decided to choose our services, contact us today.