Dog shipping from Europe to the USA

Do you need to move your pet from any country in Europe to any state in the USA?

You bought yourself a new pet in Europe and want to bring him to the US, but you are not used to organizing complicated transports such as this one? Stay with us, because we have a solution to your problem with transportation.

Transportation of pets from point A to point B could be a nightmare that will make you stressed and anxious. Because of this, our company is giving you a solution with transportation of your new dog from any country in Europe to any state in the U.S.

We are providing:

  •  Safety of your pet during the transportation
  • Videos and photos of your pet during transportation that serves as an assurance of his well-being on a trip.
  • Fast, affordable, and secure service.
  • We are solving everything for you at customs.
  • We will bring your new dog to any location in the US, or any location in Europe from the US as well. (“Door to door” service).

Because of that, you don’t have to worry about boring check-ins at airports or how you will organize your plans and schedules. All we want for you is to relax and allow us to do all those stressful jobs for you.

We are the largest nanny/pet transportation company in Europe with over twelve years of experience, and more than a thousand satisfied clients. Our company is fully licensed and has a team of well-prepared and skilled professionals for any kind of service that you wish for your dog.

Keep this in mind – because if your puppy/kitty could choose, he would probably choose us.

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