Best way to ship my dog in Europe

Do you have to move to another country in Europe and take your pets with you? Or do you need to relocate your pet to another European country?

Although we are aware that this could be a problem, stick with us—we have a solution.
Although the majority of European countries have various regulations depending on where you begin your travel, all of them demand that dogs have microchips before receiving a rabies vaccination. Additionally, although you are not required to fly together when taking a dog to Europe, you should try to book a trip that leaves within five days of your pet.

Transporting pets to Europe requires planning, time, and study. You can avoid doing these things if you choose us. Because the best way to ship your pet to Europe is with our company.

We transport pets to Europe from door – to – door. For the specific transportation requirements of your pet, we will develop a special plan. Our company will help you every step of the way, from in-home pickups and deliveries to the creation of all veterinary documentation necessary for pet shipping to Europe. We offer comprehensive import and export services to any nation in Europe that accepts pets.

We can reveal to you how to transport your pet to Europe securely and easily. The typical alternatives we provide for transporting pets and dogs to Europe are listed below, along with the general regulations for pet importation into Europe. For the most recent and reliable information on pet shipping to Europe, please get in touch with us. More pets are transported there than anywhere else on the globe. We are willing to assist you in transporting your beloved pet to Europe.

Pet Transport Requirements for Dogs to Europe

These are the conditions for bringing dogs and other pets into the majority of European countries. Please contact us to find out the regulations for bringing pets into particular countries. 

How to Prepare Your Pet for Travel to Europe

  • Your pet has to be chipped.
  • A current rabies vaccination for your pet must be at least 21 days old.
  • Within ten days of travel, your pet needs to have a USDA-accredited veterinarian provide an international health certificate.
  • The foreign health certificate for your pet must be endorsed by the USDA.

Our Standard Pet Transport Services to Europe

  • Deliveries and pick-ups to homes
  • authorized kennels and crates for transporting pets to Europe (including custom kennels)
  • help with all necessary veterinarian documentation

Since we are aware that every pet and every travel circumstance is different, we provide a wide range of alternatives and service packages to make sure we can satisfy all of your special pet’s specific travel requirements. Your individual wishes, tastes, and your pet’s particular needs will all be taken into account when designing the travel plan for your pet. If you have any questions about relocating your pet or dogs to Europe, one of our experts in international pet transport would be more than delighted to assist you.