What is the cost of transporting a dog from America to Europe?

Transporting dogs from any country to any other country or even another continent can be a difficult task for someone without much experience. Dogs and pets require special attention that we are often not even aware of.

In several of our texts on this site, we have appealed to how important it is that we all become more aware of the obvious, which is that our pets, like us, have feelings and needs. It seems trite to say it here, considering that anyone who comes across this text or any other text on our site actually likes animals. It would simply be strange for someone who doesn’t like animals at all to search the websites of pet transport agencies, i.e., it would be paradoxical to want the best transport service for a pet he doesn’t really like.

But, no matter how mundane what we are talking about may seem to you, it is not for us! Love should not be taken for granted, so it is important to remind even those people who love animals that animals should be loved.

It is precisely because of this love for animals, or rather pets, that you should always consider all options when it comes to transporting them to another country. Of course, it is not terrible to transport your pet yourself, if you are sure that you are well informed and that you have enough time and patience for such an adventure.

In addition to the price that we will talk about, there are many things that should also be talked about when it comes to transporting dogs, or rather pets. If you have decided to transport your pet to another country yourself, you will most likely use air transport. Of course, if it is a neighboring country, you can transport a dog or any other pet by car, even by bus or train, if there are conditions for such a thing. 
However, if it is a question of another country, if, for example, you have to transport your dog from America to Europe, then you must necessarily use air transport.

An important thing when it comes to air transport and the transport of dogs in this type of transport is information. Find out about the airline and the conditions of the flight, because it is not excluded that there are airlines that do not allow the transportation of dogs or certain pets on their flights. There are also periods of the year when pets cannot be transported by every airline. This is especially strict in the summer period for some airlines. For example, in certain parts of the world where summer or winter temperatures are more extreme, certain pets are not allowed to fly by plane.

What is also important is that your dog has the proper paperwork in order. The dog must have a passport, a health certificate issued by a veterinarian, as well as a certificate of vaccination against rabies and other infectious diseases. Your dog must also be microchipped before the trip and must have a suitable cage or crate.

Now we come to the price itself, which is fundamentally not standard. If we were to count everything that could affect the price, we would need time and much more than a couple of pages of this text. However, the most important question when you want to do the transport of the dog yourself is: which of the things we mentioned have you already done? In other words, is your dog microchipped, has a health certificate that is no more than twenty days old, has been vaccinated, has a passport, and has a suitable cage or crate for the trip? If you do not have any of these, the price will be higher for you at that given moment, whether you decide to transport the dog yourself or through an agency.

If you have done everything and have a super cage that fully suits your pet, then the only thing left is the price of the ticket for you and your pet. Therefore, if you decide to transport the dog yourself, it will cost you as much as the cost of the ticket and, for example, the rental car service that you need to transfer the dog from the airport to a destination in the country where you are.

In some cases, this price can also vary, so it is not often the case that people who choose the services of a dog transport agency will find it cheaper than those who decide to do the transport themselves. 
Many agencies, like our agency, Pet Exporters, sometimes offer prices that are lower, and sometimes just a little more expensive than what you would have to pay if you tried to do the transport yourself. Agencies are at an advantage in this sense, because it happens that at one moment they have to transfer several dogs to the same country or even to the same city. Therefore, the agency can create a price that suits their clients, thus making it more affordable. Because the agency itself will not have to bear higher costs due to the personalized service it has created for only one client.

For these very reasons, try to consult with several agencies about the price of the services you need. This may be a great way to save both the money and the time you need. On our Pet Exporters agency website, you can find contacts through whom you can get more information as well as a quick estimate of the price of transporting dogs from America to Europe and vice versa. We invite you to read some more articles on our website if you want to learn more about our work, and feel free to knock on our door if you need our services.