Is it safe to transport your pet during the summer?

Wondering if flying in the summer is safe for dogs? No matter how much someone in your environment thinks that such a thing should not be questioned. That’s actually a good question!

We often forget how sensitive pets, especially our beloved dogs, and all animals in general, can be. Animals are living beings like humans. Perhaps animals do not have as intense feelings as humans, but they may feel happy or bad. Pay attention to your dog when you are not paying enough attention or are paying attention to something else. You will surely see how they get jealous or actually get bored as they expect you to devote yourself to them.

If you completely abandon your relationship with your pets, you will notice that they become sad and show you a sense of guilt because they do not understand why this is so. Of course, there are also beautiful things about animals. For example, pay attention to your dog and play with him; see how he starts to run around excitedly. Animals are like people; they need attention and care.

Speaking of care and attention, we all know, of course, that pets can be affected by external factors such as the weather. Many things can disturb the health of our pets. In addition to being physically injured while playing or walking, they can also be affected by extreme weather conditions. You must have noticed that your dog, cat, or any other pet is cold outside during the winter.

You’ve also probably noticed how dogs can be sluggish in the summer and tend to tire more quickly, drink water more frequently, and show signs that they don’t like the heat. Place yourself as a human in situations involving extreme cold and heat. You will probably feel uncomfortable. 
Dogs can be uncomfortable, especially when it’s hot and especially when they have long hair. Long hair for a dog is like a winter coat for a human. Now think how you would feel if you were in full winter gear in the sun in the middle of summer. You would probably be uncomfortable, and it is not out of the question that you could have a heart attack or heat stroke. Can you imagine what it would be like to travel in a confined space under such circumstances? Therefore, your question about whether it is safe to transport dogs during the summer season is actually a very important one.

The answer we can give you is that transporting dogs during this period is not completely safe. If you want to transport your dog during the summer season, you need to be better informed because you could endanger your pet’s health. 
Unfortunately, situations like this, in which dog owners are simply not informed or do not care about their dogs, are common, and often lead to the death of their pets along the way. That is why the safest way to ensure the safe journey of your pet is to contact a pet transport agency. Especially if you have to move your pet from one country to another during the summer season. Our agency, Pet Exporters, also offers this type of service, and our experience allows us to say that this is possible under appropriate conditions.

If you are able to transport your dog by air during the summer season from one country to another, you will probably manage, but please be informed for the safety of your pet. First of all, you need to pay attention to which airlines allow the transportation of dogs during the summer season and which do not. 
It is not a rare case that airlines ban the transportation of pets during the summer season and in certain parts of the world where the temperature of pets placed in the cargo area of the plane threatens their safety. Of course, travel is possible with other airlines, but you must check whether they fully guarantee the safety of your dog during the trip. If the guarantees are small and do not promise much, it would not be a bad idea to look for another agency.

Of course, during the summer, you can more safely transport your dog from one country to another. However, you must pay attention to the following things:

You must first take your dog to the vet in order to obtain a health certificate that allows you to transfer to the territory of another country. Also, the dog, in most cases, must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies or other infectious diseases transmitted by dogs. In a situation where you have to travel in the summer, you must consult a veterinarian about your dog’s health. If your vet recommends delaying your trip, it’s probably the best idea because your pet could get sick during the trip.
If the vet tells you that the dog can travel, then start looking for an airline that offers the possibility of transporting pets during the summer season. 
It would also not be a bad idea to buy a new crate for your pet for this occasion. It is not good for a dog to travel in a cage or crate that is too small. If you have an old crate or cage that you know is not spacious enough for your pet, it would not be wise to transport it in that. A dog in these conditions can die on the way, and you certainly don’t want that. It is important that there is enough space inside the crate, and there are even summer crates that are great for transporting dogs, whether you are traveling by plane or car during the summer season.

One of the good tips is to cut your pet’s hair before the trip. If he has very long hair, that will bother him and make him even hotter. Of course, you don’t have to cut your dog’s hair beyond recognition; it will be enough to just remove those stray hairs that could bother him. Although it is possible to transport a dog during the summer season safely, perhaps the best advice in the end is to turn to the professionals.

This type of transport requires a lot of time and organization and a lot of money in most cases. It often turns out that hiring a professional pet transporter can save you money, so don’t avoid this opportunity to make things easier for yourself. The road in summer can be safe for any pet, but it depends on whether the pet itself is in safe hands. If you want, you can find a contact on our website through which you can get a quick estimate of the price of the transportation service. Call us today, because it’s the safest way.