What is the cost of transporting a dog from US to the UK?

Transporting pets and dogs can really be a grueling job. This transportation doesn’t just involve buying a ticket and having a passport; it includes many more things that you will have to do before the trip itself and also after the trip you set out on.

Of course, a pet cannot travel by plane alone, whether it is a dog or another pet. The dog must be accompanied; that is, you must go with it if you want to move it from country to country, or from one continent to another.

In addition, a dog or any other pet that has been previously approved for entry into the plane or into the plane’s cargo must also meet the requirements for entry into the country to which you wish to transport it. At the time of COVID, we saw that even people without health certificates could no longer enter another country. It has always been like this with animals, so a dog or any other pet will not enter another country without a health certificate.

Also, when it comes to dogs, they must be microchipped and examined by a veterinarian in order to receive a certificate. They must also be vaccinated against rabies and other dangerous and contagious diseases transmitted by animals. Unfortunately, this is sometimes only part of the conditions you have to meet in order to transport a dog or any pet to another country.

Some countries have special regulations and conditions when it comes to the entry of dogs or pets into their territory. There are even countries where regulations are so strict that most people and pet transport agencies don’t even dare try transporting them. There are also airlines that do not allow a pet to travel with the owner, but not even in the plane’s cargo. That’s why you should especially ask which airlines offer such services and which ones don’t. Otherwise, you could lose the ticket you bought.

If this still seems like an easy task to you, then feel free to try to do it yourself. You shouldn’t be particularly afraid of all the inconveniences and unforeseen circumstances if you have extra time and don’t want to set aside a certain amount of money for someone to do it for you. If you don’t have time to get more detailed information and you don’t have a problem setting aside money for a fairly affordable service, then the best solution is to seek help from an agency that deals with transporting pets.

Why is a pet transportation agency the best solution?

Pet transport agencies like ours offer these services at very reasonable prices. The main reasons why this type of service is better than organizing your pet’s transport yourself are that you will save time and, in some cases, money.

Most people don’t realize that sometimes it’s cheaper to choose an agency that can provide you with cheaper transportation than the current offer because you are transporting a large number of pets to the same place. Therefore, the service will be cheaper because it does not have to be completely personalized. As you yourself know, when it comes to these and similar services, the price can be higher if the client’s requirements are greater and if the service is more tailored to the individual client.

What is the cost of transporting a dog from US to the UK?

As we have already mentioned in the previous section of the text, the prices of dog and pet transport services vary depending on various factors. There is no standardized price for services from the US in the UK. Primarily because a lot depends on what you, as a potential client, want. For example, if you inform our agency that you want our services and there is a sufficient period of time to organize the transportation, the service itself will be cheaper.

On the other hand, if it is a transportation service that needs to be done quickly, the transportation costs themselves may be higher due to the cost of checking in airline tickets and any accompanying pet transportation services that must be paid to the airline.

The service you pay for in such a case will be somewhat more expensive because it may not fit into our company’s transport program scheme, and therefore it will have to be personalized according to the needs of the client who requests that service.

If you are interested, you can get a quick price estimate on our website by contacting us. Precisely because we have experience in this business, we at PET Exporters know that price plays a crucial role in the decision of potential clients to choose our agency as someone who will help them with transportation.

Therefore, you can count on the fact that when it comes to the price, we are always ready to negotiate and that we, as our clients, will provide you with an affordable, fast, and safe transport service for your pet.