Is it safe to transport a dog by plane?

Traveling by plane for the first time might be extremely stressful. Your fear of heights may overcome you, or you may be concerned about the plane itself. However, it is possible to explain to someone that air travel is the safest type of transportation in the world. When it comes to dogs, it can’t be explained so easily. Therefore, the fact that a plane is the safest type of transportation doesn’t mean anything.

Of course, some will argue that a dog is not frightened of heights and that flying is not particularly harmful to it. Dogs, on the other hand, experience fear and stress. Especially when they are subjected to harsh situations, i.e., experiences they are unfamiliar with. Even driving in a car for the first time can be traumatic for dogs. As a result, you can imagine how the plane flight must have seemed to them—probably like a nightmare.

But does it have to be like this? The answer is short and clear—it doesn’t have to be! On the Internet, you can find a lot of advice on why it is not good for dogs to travel by plane or to expose themselves to any similar risk.

But what to do when, for example, you have to move and you want to take your pet with you? Or, for example, you sell your dog to another owner and you have to send it by air. There is a solution. It is enough just to contact us by e-mail or by phone on the website. Our agency offers the services you need to transport pets and dogs anywhere.

The majority of the negative encounters with flying dogs that you can discover on the Internet are based on isolated occurrences. And their bad experience was the result of putting their trust in people who were not professionals. Or they went on the adventure of transportation on their own without contacting professionals and businesses that deal with dog transportation. Transporting dogs does not have to be a stressful process, and with the services provided by our company, you can rest assured that everything will go as planned.

It was for these same reasons that they had a bad experience. because it is possible that they did not select the proper cage or did not complete all of the essential documents for this type of shipment. As a result, we recommend that you carefully consider how you will carry your dog anywhere.

First and foremost, you must be well-versed in the rules and obligations of the airline through which you have selected to send the dog. Inform yourself of the country’s rules, laws, and obligations, as well as the customs that the dog will encounter. In some countries, you may be required to provide more documents than in others.

Because there are many countries that are quite rigorous concerning the entry of dogs into their jurisdiction. Especially when there is no appropriate documentation on vaccination and dog chipping.

Most people believe that this type of service is superfluous and too pricey. But? Consider how much time and money you will save and the prospect of avoiding any potential inconveniences that may await you in the independent organization of dog transport. Something like this has no price, trust us.

A dog traveling in the organization of a company such as ours will not experience any problems during the trip because agencies like ours have experience with such transportation. We will select the best crates for your dog, monitor its welfare throughout the trip, and provide you with regular updates on your dog’s status.

Not only is the professionalism that we can provide to our clients crucial in our business. Above all, we care about the love that our agents must have for dogs and other animals in order to carry out this work at all. We can confidently state that our team consists of individuals who, above all, understand and care about animals. as well as the willingness, expertise, and experience required to transport a dog or any other pet efficiently and safely from one location to another.