How much does it cost to send a dog to Germany?

In this text, we will discuss the price of transporting dogs from America to Europe, more precisely to Germany. First of all, we will deal with it from the perspective of the solo organization of this type of transport. Although our advice is to contact a dog or pet transport agency. You can do that today through our website or by contacting us if you decide to go with us.

The first question we have to ask you is, have you ever transported a dog or any pet out of your state by yourself? This is important because transporting pets is an extremely complicated process.

In fact, if you don’t have experience, time, and will, organizing the transport of a dog or any other pet can be a real nightmare for you. We also often forget that our pets can feel stress or fear, and trust us – they really can. This is precisely why this can be extremely bad for the pets themselves, no matter what kind of pet it is.

Lack of comfort, attention, or transportation in inadequate conditions can permanently damage your pet’s health. Also, paperwork errors, regulations, and administrative matters can cause you so much inconvenience that you simply cannot even imagine.

Therefore, do not get involved so easily in the independent organization of the transport of your pet just because you love it. If you still decide on this type of transport, stay with us because we have a few tips for you.

Taking pets to Germany

Planning beforehand is essential when transporting a pet, for instance, from North America to Europe. There are certain regulations, like a microchip and a rabies injection, in Germany and the EU. (Rabies vaccination and microchipping are required for cats and dogs.) If you wait until the last minute, your pet might not be able to go with you! Some foreign airlines may transport small pets (10 pounds or less) in approved carriers in the passenger cabin. However, the pet carrier must be stored under the seat in front of you, and there may be additional unique requirements. Greater dogs must be transported as “live cargo.” An airline-approved pet kennel is required for this.

Keep the following tips in mind if you decide to transport your pet to Germany yourself.

  1. Check that your dog’s is not an illegal breed! For foreign travel, several airlines do not accept specific dog and cat breeds. Germany prohibits the importation of some breeds, including pit bull terriers, since it deems them to be harmful or aggressive. But it may differ from state to state. For illustration, no breed of dog is now prohibited in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). The majority of dogs are accepted. 
  2. Go to a pet supply store and buy a suitable pet carrier. Your pet must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier. If you’re unsure, get a larger-sized carrier. It may be necessary to ship the pet at a larger size, particularly when shipping from Germany to the USA. Verify any size restrictions with the airline.
  3. Help your pet get used to the carrier. Make sure to do this well before your flight.
  4. Finish the necessary paperwork.A veterinarian must fill out a health certificate for your pet (Form 988 in German and English), which must be dated within ten days of departure. And, before that flight, make your air travel arrangements, including a pet flight!
  5. Get your pet microchipped if it doesn’t already have one. Additionally, make sure your pet receives the proper documents and a rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to travel.

Services for pet relocation

Pet relocation services are available, just as those for human professionals. With a price of course, these agencies will help you with all the headaches of transferring your pet.

Having assistance with this burden, though, can be worthwhile to you. All you have to do is call the number on our website or contact us via email and everything that bothers you will become our concern.